About me

Your trainer and coach: Veronika Herrmann

Born in 1976

"Physical exercise is essential for both body and mind. So is relaxation. Without it, I could never reach the mountains' peaks on my mountain tours."


Qualification and unique feature

Linking clarification of life-themes and healthiness. Active practice and training of stress management and relaxation techniques, particularly meditation, Jacobson's Progressive Muscle Relaxation, with several handy exercises for everyday life. Support in long-term prevention of burnouts. Creation of personal time-out moments during the day.

As an active alpinist, I combine the knowledge about high performance with concentration on physical and mental energy management on alpine mountains. I transfer the mental and relaxation techniques, needed in mountaineering, to the trainings.

I teach stress handling methods and can individually consult participants, help them finding calmness, inspire them to challenge the unknown and take care of them in the long term. I diplomatically and openly talk about conflicts in moments of crises, and manage to find a positive solution with my dialogue partner.

English for coachings, therapy and lectures. Continuous enhancement of my professional skills.

Areas of expertise

Coachings, lectures, psychotherapy (HPrG) & Trainings: stress management, relaxation, burnout prevention training, mental training.

Private seminars, f.e. "Auszeitwoche - Your own private time-out week" - Handling stress and independent preventing a burnout. E.g. in Bavaria, in front of the Alpine backdrop, in the towns of Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Balderschwang. Also available as individual training. Training facilities for individual coachings and private psychotherapy (HPrG) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: vocational and personal issues, personal energy balance, stress reduction & self-reflexion.

Training & coaching. Personnel consulting. Company health management. Aftercare systems.

All services can also be provided in English.

Quality management

Before to every training, we analyse the client's current situation. During a preliminary talk we develop a tailor-made training programme with post training care.

Prior to every coaching we have a one-hour information session, in which we define the client's main topic or conflict area, and ensure the aftercare. I suggest a suitable strategy, concerning the content of the following coaching sessions, and we discuss which topic is most important for the client.

My trainings, psychotherapies (HPrG) and coachings are practice oriented, individually adjusted to the client's needs, and live from his devotedness and willingness to experiment.

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