Training & lecture - all topics covered in my training can be presented in lectures (German & English)

Your point of view depends on your perspective

As a responsible manager of a foresighted company, you have realized the importance of not having permanently stressed employees, but working with responsible and satisfied personnel. The business won't run without every single worker being motivated. We all know: displeasure evolves quickly, colleagues are easily infected.

You are aware, that the balance between private life and commitment to work is crucial for an effective and successful performance at work. In the long term, a physically, emotionally and mentally balanced employee, who has learnt to deal responsibly with both conflicts and himself, guarantees for a good working atmosphere. He does an efficient job.

Only consistent self-management, authentic communication and an awareness of the own body can develop a reflective personality that can calmly deal with daily stress and be clear on both private and work-related aims of life.

For this purpose, I combine all my training with easy physical exercises for both management and teams of your company. For everybody who is ready for a change and who wants to give calmness a place in their lives.

To sustainably incorporate the success from my training into everyday life, I suggest every participant to take part in additional individual coachings. For a long-term support and mentoring service, I am happy to stay in contact via telephone, letter or email.

I´d be delighted to provide my training as part of a seminar, or any other kind of company event.

Stress management with personal responsibility

The training for more power, self-determination and intentional time management in jobs with peak out-put performances.

Dates: upon arrangement
Duration: 1-3 days of intense seminars
Sustainability: Available for question, fresh-up training after 1/3/6/12 months on demand. Sorry, in German only: monthly e-mail newsletter, CD for relaxation
Seminar hours: 9 till 5

Who should book this seminar:
Executive managers, qualified experts, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons - people who feel like experiencing and living a professionally led deceleration of body and mind.

On the subject:
You want to consciously maintain your energy reserves, and be no longer subject to

You are looking for answers to questions like "What is the appeal in all of this?", "Going to bed feeling happy and satisfied. - Is that even possible?" and "How can I solve this without it badly affecting my career or deteriorating my performance?"

In that case you will gain and benefit:
In our seminar you will learn and train your personal stress management, as well as effective tools and methods, to recognise problems as challenges, and better deal with them in everyday (and workaday) life.

Relaxation training for business concerns
(1 day, by the hour or as a seminar)

In times of permanent stress and pressure, relaxation routines for body and centring practices for mind have proven to be particularly successful. Using techniques from my training, you will remain calm in strained situations. You´ll be able to proceed concentrated and successful. You´ll train to perceive the feelings of your body. You will be balanced and contented. Using your personal way to regenerate, you will create new personal freedom and increase your vitality. For people who have decided to improve their commercial success by the means of tranquillity and calmness. The learned training methods are easily incorporated into everyday life.

Individual training for relaxation measures

Individual treatment for your personal requirements.

I advice and train you competently, and will happily help you choosing your training.

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